Morning Programme

The European Parliament of Enterprises™ 2018 will be preceded by a wide choice of side meetings in the morning right before the event.

Enterpreneurs will have the chance to talk about many topics with MEPs or Commissioners in small groups, which will allow them to have an even more direct debate concerning the issue or matter that they are most interested in.

Below follows a short description of the side meetings:

  • Waste or valuable product – A close-up of the Concept of Circular Economy

with Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption, DG ENVI

TopicCircular Economy in general and Plastics, Waste Management, Packaging issues and secondary raw materials in particular

  • The way forward for the free movement of services in the EU: which obstacles should be removed?

with Robert Strauss, Head of Unit, E1 Service Policy at DG GROW, European Commission

TopicDespite the introduction of Services Directive, service providers are still confronted with severe regulatory obstacles and complex administrative procedures making cross-border trade within the EU a sometimes difficult affair. In this workshop the officials of the Commission would like to hear from service providers what kind of obstacles they still face when going abroad and how the Commission could tackle these issues.

  • CETA - Opportunities for businesses

with Renita Bhaskar, DG TRADE, Unit E1-Trade Relations with the United States and Canada, European Commission

TopicCETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada): What are the opportunities it can offer for Eu business, and where do we stand after a year since its provisional application?

  • EUROCHAMBRES Women Network

with Ulla Engelmann, Head of Unit Clusters, Social Economy and Entrepreneurship, European Commission

TopicA women's network aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship in Europe