The European Parliament of Enterprises™ (EPE) is the largest event at EU level giving the floor directly to entrepreneurs.

It is organised once every two years by Eurochambres in collaboration with the European Parliament. The first edition was launched on 14 October 2008 on the occasion of  Eurochambres’ 50th anniversary.  

The concept of the European Parliament of Enterprises™ originated from the consideration that there is a democratic gap between the European institutions and the main actors of economic growth, entrepreneurs and that, consequently, European legislators do not sufficiently take into account entrepreneurs' concerns.  

On the other hand, businesses are largely unfamiliar with the role and functioning of the European Union and the significance that the institutions’ decisions can have on their activities and results.

The EPE recreates a parliamentary session and gives the floor to European entrepreneurs. This highlights the "economic democracy” of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry through their representation and their structure.


The EPE is composed of the same number of entrepreneurs as the number of MEPs in the European Parliament and follows the same breakdown by country. 
Thus, 705 entrepreneurs constituting the members of the EPE gather in the symbolic location of the Hemicycle of the European Parliament. 65 companies from non-EU countries participate as well.

Aims and objectives

The EPE aims to bring companies and Institutions face-to-face for one day, so as to enhance mutual understanding.

The EPE represents a unique opportunity for businesses to have a direct debate with high representatives of the EU institutions and to provide them with a direct bottom-up feedback on EU policies.


During the EPE entrepreneurs also exercise their voting rights on major EU business-related issues.

The results of the votes are presented by Eurochambres to the relevant political interlocutors from all the EU institutions as "the voice of European businesses”.

The European Parliament of Enterprises™ is organised with an active cooperation of Eurochambres' Member organisations.